MS Teams Time Zone Setting using SharePoint Site Setting

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Hi all,

I've added a Work Progress Tracker template of MS Lists to my team.

In my humble opinion, the list is more powerful and flexible than MS ToDo List or MS Planner.

After adding the list to my team channel, I've found that there's a time zone issue with it.

The default time zone is set to Pacific Time(UTC - 8) and there's about 17-hour-difference between the default time zone and mine(S. Korea).

I couldn't find change the time zone of the team.

So I visited the same group of SharePoint and could change the time zone.

Is there any better option to change it?

Thank you in advance.



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Afaik no! You can as an admin set the default time zone for new sites/teams in the SP admin center

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You can change this by changing the Regional Settings in the SharePoint site tied to the Team...just browse the site and follow bellow steps:
1. Click on setting cogwheel
2. Click on Site Information menu option
3. Click on Visit all site settings link at the bottom of the Site Information panel
4. On the Settings page click on Regional settings under Site Administration
5. Change the default time zone that is Pacific Time (UTC-8) to the desired one

By default if you don't change the time zone settings creation for any SharePoint site, they are created with Pacific Time as default Time so your options here are:
1. Change the default time zone at creation time for any site in the SPO Admin Center
2. To change the Time Zone for a particular site follows the process explained above
3. You could even automate Tine Zone change and make it easy with a Site Script, but you will need to know / learn how to work with Site Scripts

I hope it helps!
Ah, and the other thing to be reviewed is your time zone in Office 365 that might be also not the right one. You can check this in the "My account" page you can access when clicking on the "View account" link when you click on your picture in Office 365

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thank you for the kind reply.

I've checked what you mentioned before I do this.

Unfortunately, even the time zone in my profile is set to Seoul(S. Korea), the time zone of the team was set to the default time zone(Pacific Time, UTC - 8).

That's the problem of using Teams.


Yes when it comes to SharePoint sites and teams it’s the regional Setting and SharePoint that’s needs to change wish you did. As I said there’s a setting in SharePoint admin center to change the default regional setting for these! Although it might not be always Korea in your case


@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thank you, I love this!

Great help, indeed.