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My application team is in PT but the schedule of the shift application is in English, as are the hours and days of the week. Is it possible to switch to PT?

How to make?

I searched the settings but could not find them.


Thank you in advance.

Pacheco Vieira

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Go to the share point site - easiest way is to to files tab - open in sharepoint


I have already done this.

The site is all in PT even the schedule that is part of the Team site. Existing on the left bar.


When I enter the schedule of the shift application everything changes to English.





I tested this tonight but cannot reproduce it. I switched the language in Teams to Polish and the language was Polish in Shifts. I changed this from English.


I have taken screenshots




This was simply switching between English and Polish in the app - I didn't change any language settings in either Office 365 or SharePoint


My recommendations would be


1.) Switch Teams to another language and then back to Polish and see if this does it

2.) Completely log out of Teams, completely closing the Teams app, load it up and log back in and see if this does it

3.) Repeating Step 2 but also clearing the cache ( and see if this does it

4.) Turning Shifts off and back on via the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre and see if this does it (if it is possible and you are in a position to do so)


If all this does not resolve it then I would consider raising it to Microsoft in a support ticket via the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre in your tenant.


Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I did what you proposed, and I discovered that it does not work for the Portuguese language (Portugal) but it works for the Portuguese language (Brazil).


Can you experiment with these languages to see if the problem is my site?



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Ah yes, I can reproduce this.


Portuguese Brazil works




Portuguese Portugal does not




It is an issue with Shifts in the Portuguese (Portugal) language if we both can replicate it


Solution is to open a ticket to Microsoft through the Office/Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, providing screenshots comparing these. Please feel free to use these screenshots I have provided too. 


Hope I have helped to answer your question - and best of luck in getting this fixed with Microsoft you will have found and fixed an issue which reduces confusion and made the Teams experience better for the people of Portugal. 


Look forward to answering more of your questions in the future.


Best, Chris