MS Teams Recording storage to ODFB and SharePoint Online

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Hi All,
As per below article, the MS Teams opt-out storage to ODFB and SharePoint -

I was trying to get the Teams meeting policy current settings using the PowerShell. However, I am getting the below error as per the attachment.

Any help will be appreciated on this.


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Hi, try following the steps described in the article you linked, scroll down. That is, use the ”Skype instructions”. It isn’t difficult, you get the error message as you’re missing the cmdlet in your config.

Hi Bec064,

Yes, I understand the missing cmdlet in the config.

Do you know what is the minimum permissions required to run the script as per the article?

I understand that Skype Cmdlet is included in the Teams module and I am getting the error while installing the teams module as per the error screenshot shared in the original post.

Do you know why I am getting the error while installing the module?

Thank you!

Hi, install as admin (run PS as admin) and then execute with privileged account.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom 

Yes, I am already doing (run PS as admin).


Does it require office 365 admin permissions to run?


Thank you. 

Hello, yes. There’s a couple of Teams roles available as well