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Hi All, 


I created my first private channel today and then tried to add a MS Planner tab to the channel but it does not appear as an option. 


Is anyone else having this issue?



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Hi @edmm94,


this is not an "issue" it is not possible to add apps to a private channel.

This is one of the restrictions we have to deal with up until now. I can not tell you if there is a plan to integrate apps later.




@svenseidenberg Thanks for the response! Very interesting limitation. It allows me to add Power Bi which was the most important one. 


I can use a workaround and just load the planner as a URL as a website tab. 


Thank you!

@edmm94 Planner, Forms & Stream are not yet supported in Private channels

@edmm94 Since the private channel does not have its own O365 group (only a site collection) I don't think those type of apps will be available in the near future at all.

Great Idea on the Weblink.  

@Robert Schouten You had noted that Lists are no supported. With a Private Team, you get your own Private SharePoint Library and Private Lists. A great work-around is to create a Private SharePoint list, and you can click the "+" to Add a Tab, select SharePoint and you can then select the list you created. I think Microsoft recently added lists, as I didn't see that as an option before.

Hello @svenseidenberg 


I am considering to switch from basecamp to MS Teams. Yet, without the feature of assigning tasks to members in private channel, I cannot use MS Teams.



Hi @edmm94,


I have just faced the same issue. We've started using private channels in our company and we make extensive use of Planner. It would be great to be able to add a Planner tab into a private channel...



This is absolutely dumb.

Why would MS restrict productivity like that?


Example: organising a conference - theres one team. Within that team are different groups of people working on different parts of the organising - these people need to communicate and share taskts etc, but no EVERYBODY needs to know about all these details. how come MS always manages to screw things up. Just one look at Slack that everybody loves, and they should be able to get it...

@helenolen There are of course instances when the information in a channel is secret to others (and it would be good to have a Planner plan as well) but you should probably avoid using private channels just to avoid that other know about it.


When it comes to Slack I believe a Slack channel is actually similar to a Teams team, not a team's channel. But of course there are good things in Slack that is not available in Teams (and vice versa).

@Par Linderoth 

Um.. that's exactly why i referenced to slack... at least there people can choose the channels they want to be a part of.  


less noise. 


@helenolen  Then you should create a public team (instead of a private) that anyone can be part of and which is similar to a public Slack channel.

@edmm94   I am new to this app but liked your idea of creating a weblink to planner. for a private channel.  You mentioned you had added it as a tab.  I don't see that as an option but it could be because our IT group does not allow it.  Just curious if I might be missing something or if I need to ask for more permission from my IT group.  Thank you for any guidance and direction.



@Ajirich you should see Website as an option when you add a tab. If you don't then it could be like you are saying and it is being restricted. 


See below


 I agree with @Benjamin980, this is going to be an essential feature for me when using MS Teams.