MS Teams - New Meeting Experience - Not Working

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Hi All - been using the new meeting experience for a month or two now.  Today, have tried to start my meetings and it will not let me use it.  Have had to turn it off to enable me to go in to meetings. Has something changed today? Or is there something that i need to do?

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@PhillMartin Hi, by any chance you're using Teams call queue? Apparently it's not supported in that scenario.

@ChristianBergstrom no, just a normal meeting. 

@PhillMartin Try to sign out and back in manually (top right corner) and then go to the settings and enable the new meetings experience again.

Hi @PhillMartin. I am having the same issue. I tried updating\reinstalling\ using a different PC (corp domain PC and a personal PC), and that did not resolve the issue. I had a co-worked sign into my PC and the new meeting experience was available for him, so it appears to be account related. I compared our AD\Azure\Teams accounts and the are virtually no differences. 


I am a student at a school. I'm experiencing the same issue stated here. But, I'm unable to troubleshoot on my own due to a possible AUP violation, is there any temporary fix available? I need one soon because I'm constantly back & forth through meetings, and teams for assignments.