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The goal of this post is to simplify the reading of the MS Teams Logs with a tool to make them more readable by the human eye




For example, reading the logs generated by MS Teams using the notepad is very difficult



here is when I recommend to use the open-source tool called LogExpert



to follow this tutorial we need to have already installed a Log Reader Software called LogExpert, you can find the installation instructions in this link



Inside LogExpert we need to configure it to recognize the ms teams log information as separated columns and also style it with your favourite colours


Columns configuration

Options -> Columnizer

Choose a Columnizer (Choose one of the RegexX default profiles)

Click on Config



Inside the Regex text field insert the following regular expression:



Simple Regex:









The same but enhanced and with headers.







Highlights configuration

Options -> Highlighting and triggers
Click on New to create the group of Highlights
Click on Add to generate new Highlights rules



here you can choose your favourite colours

List of MS Teams Log Levels
-- error --
-- info --
-- warning --
-- event --

* I say this because of what I have seen in the log files, this list could be updated

LogExpert Documentation:

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