MS Teams: how to I start from the beginning WITH THE SAME EMAIL

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I really need some help, and the lack of information from Microsoft about this is driving me nuts. 

So, I have Teams with my personal Office 365 plan; when I registered at the beginning, I put the team's name as that of my work/university. Whenever I'd log in, that would be the only station I could select to click and log in. Okay, fine - no big deal as uni works with google & zoom. 

Now, I have more meetings with Mircosoft business users and have to use Teams. 

I tried to move that to a personal workspace, and when I send an invitation, they cannot accept it and get back to that because it directs them to the uni account, WHICH THEY DONT HAVE. 


Before doing this, I thought I deleted the uni team, but every time I log in again, the only option I get at first is the old team. I need access to my personal workspace team. 

I also know that people add me to their teams via my personal email (hotmail), but I DO NOT GET ANY NOTIFICATION about that. 


Can someone help me, please?! 

Thanks :) 

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