MS Teams downloaded meeting recording lost after the team is deleted

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I am not an admin of the team as I am a student. I have downloaded a recording of our past meeting and our teacher deleted and created a new team for our course. I tried looking for the downloaded recording in my local files and my files tab in my ms teams but I can't find the recording. Is there a way or how can I hold on to the recording again?

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Hi there.  The Team being deleted should not affect anything you have downloaded to your local computer.  Did you definitely have the file fully downloaded?  You were not watching via either Teams or Microsoft Stream?

@PeterRising Hi, In my case, I have downloaded it already to my pc (Downloads folder), but as i watch the progress of my download, right before the download finishes, it just goes nowhere. I cant find it, I digged deep down my search areas but it is really lost. How can i fix this? This happened to me COUPLE OF TIMES



Hi Mark, are you using the Teams desktop app when trying to download please?  If so, please can you try the Teams web app via browser at to see if you get a more consistent experience?

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