mp4 not playing video in teams

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My daughter is on Teams for school, because of the corona lock down. The teacher put a mp4 on the group, but when i play, it wont play the video in Teams.

When download, it plays in media player, also view online, goes to sharepoint (after log in) it plays the video.

for my daughter it would be very helpfull when it plays in Teams!
her BFF has a mackbook, there it plays in Teams without problems!


any one a idea?


kind regards

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Hi @LSP_242

I have just tested this to confirm I uploaded an mp4 video file to the team in the files tab and could play the video.

However, you may want to try this

1.) Upload the video to Microsoft Stream (
2.) Get the video URL
3.) Add a Microsoft Stream Tab to the channel in Teams and add the video URL in Stream

It sounds like it's likely a local machine issue. I can play it on a Surface, your daughter's BFF can play it on a macbook.

The Stream add should should work. Let me know how you get on I would be interested

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I asked the teacher to add a mp4 like that. with my personal login i cant connect to teams or stream.

I checked and al brwoser links with mp4 works.. 

There is something blocking video in Teams, but what... ???

Hi @LSP_242

Do you have a Windows machine in the house? Does it work on that?

It could very likely be something to do with the Teams client and the Macbook. Does the video work in the web version of Teams at or in the Teams mobile app? Can you test on those, and a Windows machine if you have one, and let me know?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


it works on my macbook en bff macbook..

it only wont work on windows 10 machine, within teams.. when i do it by opening via link online, it does work...


Hi @LSP_242 I am head of Computing at an English secondary school and can confirm I am having this issue too.  I am uploading screen recorded feedback videos from PowerPoint and then after a week or so they stop playing.  Each can be played by opening in Sharepoint but that's not much use for the students.  Chrome on Windows 10.




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Hi @shalston

Upload the MP4 to Stream, Create a Stream Channel, add the Stream Channel as a tab in Teams. Stream is the designed app to play video in Microsoft 365, not Teams

Here is a guide I wrote some time ago how to do it. Hope it helps

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks Chris I have a lot on Stream for lessons embedded into Onenote, but it's a workaround not a solution; why is there an inbuilt non-functional mp4 player in Teams @ThereseSolimeno ? 

No worries, I understand, however Stream is the video app for the whole of 365, not Teams. That is by design.

However, if you are using the Teams App on web with Chrome, I would consider using the new EDGE Chromium browser, or the Teams Desktop App. I am running Teams on a surface with EDGE and don't have any issues running mp4's through it. Let me know how it goes