Moving Files from Sharepoint library to Teams Channel

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I work with several tenants.  In one tenant, we are moving them from Sharepoint library into TEAMS channels.


The reason is to take advantage of the security in TEAMS.  There are several site supervisors that need access to files for their respective projects.  As such, they do not need access to everything.  Private channels allow for very simplified deployment of documents that Sharepoint does not have.


They currently have a large library sitting in a Sharepoint site.  There does not seem to be an easy way to transfer these over from Sharepoint to TEAMS.  I do not want a linked tab in TEAMS as this just gives everyone full access to everything.  I want to actively move the files from Sharepoint to TEAMS.


Is there a way to do this without bringing the entire library down locally just to push it back up?


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@Joel_Lehr Files in Teams are SharePoint, that's why there's an Open in SharePoint button, so your question is how to copy files from one SharePoint site to the site associated with your team. Simplest way to keep it in the cloud would be to right click and choose copy, then select the new site as the destination.