Modifying url of a PowerApp in a tab

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I know I can add PowerApps app to Teams team :)

I know I can pass parameters to PowerApp using deep linking (custom parameters in URL).


How do I modify the URL in the Teams team to call my app with parameter?


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I think this is something you cannot do with current PowerApps Tab

@Juan Carlos González Martín I am able to add a tab with my Powerapp as a website, but then it has this ugly black header (not properly iframe'd) with PowerApps menu button and settings wheel.


I wonder if it is possible to make configurable tab with manifest.json for my PowerApp?


UPDATE: I can report that it is possible to have fully iframed app if you use URL as indicated in this blogpost



@dmi3kno . Did you figure it out? I need to update a PowerApps link in Teams too.