Missing responses to Team Calendar invites

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So we've been using the channel calendar in our Team, but we do not get any notifications for acceptance or declines. 

We have for the channel email inbox, but this only tells us when someone proposes a new time. We have had colleagues tell us that they have responded to the invitation with a message, but we haven't received it. 


Is there a setting we need to change to enable us to see these responses? 


Any help is much appreciated.


Jackie Robertson 

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Hello, channel meetings are a bit special so to fetch the tracking status for example you need to enter the channel meeting object in the channel to see accepted or declined etc. The channel calendar app is simply a filtered view of the group mailbox to schedule and get an overview of scheduled channel meetings. To use invites with responses (normal scheduling behavior) you'd have to use a standard scheduled meeting and not a channel meeting, because a channel doesn't have an own mailbox.