Microsoft Teams: You can't make or get calls right now. Try restarting the app...

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One of our users is getting the following error:

"Something went wrong

You can't make or get calls right now. Try restarting the app. That might solve the problem."



The user is also not able to share their screen, the icon is "grayed out". Has anyone else encountered this or know of a solution? I haven't reinstalled Teams for the user, though this may work, I don't want it to become my permanent solution.





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Does that user get the same error from another computer? If yes, it is probably an error on the first computer and then a Teams reinstallation is the best to start with.

Make sure that you delete local folders after uninstallation.



No, this was specific to the computer. A reinstall worked (as I thought it would), I just hate having to resort to that as a means to fix a problem. This has happened a handful of times to different users over the last couple months.

@Raymond Satterfield In my case restarting usually helps. I noticed it looks like Teams is periodically loosing audio device and if it doesn't show the name of my headphone then it will error. Although I may have another meeting and Teams used my device it still may not display it which looks like a bug to me.

I have three users.. Who can not make a call under the teams app.. Video or Audio but can do so with the web and their phone.. Reinstalling didnt work.. Removing the cache and reinstalling didnt work.  Tried everything on here except the registry edit ( and the final step. Anyone with any ideas I am open to suggestions. I am now messing with the graphics acceleration check box as most office products have suffered in the past with graphic acceleration turned on. so we shall see how that goes. 


I thank you all for your time.


@Raymond Satterfield 

@Pete_Fel I Have the same issue, tried everything, uninstalling, clearing cache, removing office 365 and still not able to join meeting from desktop app.


Have you found a solution?

Just having the same issue . Works fine on my Mobile but wont work from my Tosh. Skpye also froze and have now uninstalled to see if there is a camera issue.. very frustrating day so far. Any guidance would be appreciated too.
Did you ever figure out a fix to this?? Ever hopeful :crossed_fingers: as experiencing this now myself.

@Raymond Satterfield one of my users at work had the same issue and restarting the app was not working. I restarted the app for him but also signed his profile out and then signed back in on it. Worked after that, can't be sure it was a fluke or not but did the trick.

Any other solutions/workarounds?


I tried all the above solutions but same issue 

@Raymond Satterfield I had the same issue for long time (no calls allowed on the app but it works fine on the web version and my mobile phone).I tried to reinstalling the teams app, clearing cache...but didn't help.

Finally, I got it to work by doing the following (I have admin rights on my PC):

1. Added one of my colleagues username in Control Panel-->user account-->Manage user accounts-->Add-->Write his username and Domain.

2. Since I working from home, I added his username  to remote desktop by doing the following: Press windows and searched for remote desktop settings--> Clicked on "Select Users that can remotely access this PC"-->Add--> Added his username and select standard user in the next window popped up.

3. My colleague logged in to my PC remotely and started teams. He made call and started the video successfully. Then he logged out.

4. I logged in again to my PC and restarted it.

5. Teams is now working.


Hope this will help someone here :)



Hi All,

I have an user with the same issue and able to solved it with the following workaround:
- Sign-out and re-signing back to the Teams app.