Microsoft Teams will soon support up to 20,000 attendees in meetings

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Yes, you heard it right. Microsoft Teams will soon support up to 20,000 attendees in meetings as view-only participants.


  • Applicable when the attendee is accessing a meeting via a Teams desktop application (Windows or Mac), Teams on the web, or Teams mobile (Android and iOS)
  • The current limit for the number of people who can chat and call in to a meeting is 300 users.
  • Attendees joining after meeting capacity reached will have view-only experience.

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Link to article: Microsoft Teams meetings to support view-only attendees 


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This is exciting news, @ganeshsanap - thanks for sharing.  And more to come during next week's Ignite conference. MyIgnite - Your home for Microsoft Ignite

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@ThereseSolimeno You're welcome!


Already registered for MS ignite & waiting for March 2 to go live :stareyes: