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In Microsoft Teams video calls, pinning a user(s) only displays those pinned users. With a max of only 4 video screens on display, if 1 user is pinned, only that 1 user’s video screen appears, and cannot show 3 other faces of those who may be coming “in and out” depending if they are speaking. The same happens with 2 users, 3 users, etc. Is there any way to pin a desired amount of users and have the remaining “screen real estate” (4 minus the # of pinned screens) show up? This will be particularly useful if you would like to pin the host / chair of the meeting but keep other speakers in rotation

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Hi @Sayeed_Sediqi 


This seems to be an interesting feature but as of now we do not have the Feature available. I would recommend you to raise a user voice for the same on the site Currently you can view the 2x2 most active participant in the meeting. Soon Microsoft is releasing a New Feature wherein you would be allowed for 3x3 Video for the most active participants in the meeting. This is supposed to be completed by End of May.


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