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So we are looking to install Microsoft Teams and setting our incoming phone calls on round robin, basically equally dividing the incoming calls. Is this calculated on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? In other words, if a colleague only works part-time - will this mean that he/she will get on average more calls on the days that he/she works?

And does it mean that if during the day I have a lot of meetings and I am not available, that I will get more calls during the end of the day?


Or is it just being divided regardless if someone is available/present or not?


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Hi @NSteune

See here

With round robin, routing of incoming calls is balanced so that each call agent gets the same number of calls from the queue

Call agents who are Offline, have set their presence to Do not Disturb, or have opted out of the call queue will not receive calls.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I understand what you are saying. But let's say I have a call group of 2 persons, and the phone rings it will go to agent 1. That conversation is ended. A new call comes in, it will go to agent 2, and then agent 1 etc? Now let's say agent 2 doesn't work on Tuesdays. Will this mean that on Wednesday Teams will direct most calls to agent 2 for balancing out all the calls on Tuesday? Or is this calculated on the day? Best, Nick
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Hi @NSteune

No worries, get what you mean. No, this would be on the availability of the users at the time. So for example, on Tuesday in your scenario all calls go to agent 1 because agent 1 is available. On Wednesday, calls are balanced between agent 1 and 2. On Thursday if agents 1 2 and 3 were in they would be balanced between 1 2 and 3. Lets say that agent 2 went for lunch at 12-1 on Thursday, they would be balanced between agents 1 and 3 until 2 returned from lunch

Hope that makes sense

Best, Chris

Great discussion guys - and this is probably a very simple question - does the Call Queue only deliver one at a time and then hit voicemail for example, or will it try everyone on the Call Queue in sequence if it doesnt get an answer? @NSteune 

Hi @mark

It's First in First Out (FIFO). How it gets to agents depends on how you set up the routing. You can do this by attendent routing, where it rings all agents (except those engaged), serial, where it will go through the agents one by one, and round robin which load balances between agents. You would set a maximum call queue size then determine the overflow - if it exceeds the queue you can disconnect, divert to a shared voicemail or divert to another person in the organisation. You can also set a queue timeout meaning if the callers have been in the queue for x amount of time it disconnects or diverts

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard  - hope you are well.


Thats how I thought it would work but wanted to check in. So I assume the best practice for these scenarios is to switch Voicemail off for the individual otherwise you could end up with a personal voicemail answering a queue?


No worries! Hope you are too

I'd go along with this blog

Call queues you can only direct to people or voice app, so you would follow the steps here. Either redirect to a user whose forwarding to voicemail or redirect to a sub auto attendant which directs to a resource account/shared voicemail

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

Cheers @Christopher Hoard 


One final question (not related to round robin!) is this;


"If I create a contact in Outlook or Teams with just a telephone number or with an email that is not on Teams, I cannot search for this contact to transfer a call to when i receive it - any idea why and how to circumvent it?"




Hi @mark lawton

Sorry - have been mega busy with TeamsFest

@Linus Cansby may know the answer to this one. Linus - any ideas? Seen this before?

Best, Chris

@Mark Lawton Sorry no, I can just confirm that is a problem. You could start a uservoice request.


The closest one I could find was one about the ability to select phone number for a contact when dialling them instead of SIP.

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