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Since the update to MTR on our Crestron devices, we've notice that in some meetings video is unavailable for both the host and the participants, sometimes video is available for a short period of time and then cuts out, and then other times, video works perfectly.

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Hi @wedwards ,


Is this still an issue. I am hoping that there may be a newer version of MTR released this month that could help. Short of that do you have the option to downgrade to the previous version.


It might also be worth contacting Crestron to see if they have any software/firmware updates and to ask if they test against the latest version of the MTR software or if they would prefer for you to be a few updates behind.


I know you should be able to go with the latest and would want to for fixes on the Microsoft side, but the device has to be up to the task also.


Out of interest what is the Crestron device in question?






We are experiencing similar issues post Meetings can run for 45 minutes or 5 minutes with video as expected until it drops. Rooms behave normally once the meeting is quit. 

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