Microsoft Teams not opening after windows 10 update

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Good Morning Everyone,


I have two users who had an update yesterday for windows 10 and now their Microsoft Teams app are not opening anymore.  What is strange, is that their teams folder is missing in %appdata%\Local\Microsoft\teams.  I had them login under the local profile of the computer and what's funny is that the teams folder is there and Teams app opens.  


Currently, none of my other users has an update yet and i'm afraid if they do an update, their Microsoft teams app will break as well.  


I have tried uninstalling and re-installing teams app but the teams folder is still missing under their main profile but not the local profile of the computer.


Is anyone have this issue?  




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Hi Everyone,


Update - I have fixed the issue for both my users.  


I uninstalled the teams machine-wide installer

I uninstalled teams


Deleted the folders in AppData\Local\Microsoft - Both the main profile and the local profile

"Teams" folder

"TeamsMeetingAddin" folder

"TeamsPresenceAddin" folder


Deleted the folder in AppData\Roaming - Both the main profile and the local profile

"Microsoft Teams" folder

and in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft - Both the main profile and local profile

"Teams" folder.


Restarted the computer, logged the user back into their main profile, installed teams and now it works.  





Interesting problem. We maintain 500+ devices running Windows 10. Inplace upgrade to 1909 broke Teams wide installer whereby New users (and users who had their profiles deleted) Teams wouldn't start automatically and even worse the user couldn't find the app installed even though it was in add/remove programs. No desktop icon and to the user no available teams app found. 

We used an installer from March 2020 and installed via Endpoint manager when COVID prompted our org wide usage. 

.msi repair options don't work. the MEM detection method still sees the app installed. 


Our only option is to either uninstall and re-install or go down the user install route from either Office web or Store. Which defeats our machine wide deployment technologies and preferences. 


It's a poor experience from MS. 




@Hatake242 as a work around I was able to just set the compatibility to windows 8. I had just updated the windows to the Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042 
Version for teams