Microsoft Teams New Meeting Lobby Enhancement

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Microsoft is providing Teams meeting organizers greater control over their meetings by making it possible to require all participants to wait in the lobby.


Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 64643 for the below Feature Release.


How this is Useful for the Enterprise Users and the Educational Organizations


After the above feature is enabled all the guest users as well as the users within the organization will have to wait in the Lobby to start the meeting until the organizer of the meeting arrives.


This feature was majorly requested by the Educational Organization wherein Students of the Meeting used to join the meeting before the start of the Class or before the Teacher Joins the Class.


Possible Issues with the Feature if this is turned on by Default


In case the feature is enabled by default and the organizer of the meeting is not joining the Teams Meeting the meeting will never start and all the participants will be stuck in Lobby.


In case the organizer of the meeting is hosting only a Audio Conferencing only meeting, then the organizer will have the punch in the Host Pin for the Teams Meeting to be started and then the participants will be able to join

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