Microsoft Teams New Features | May 2020

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Here are some of the latest features that are being roll-out so many members in the Tech Community has asked questions;


  • Chat Popout “Multi chat windows”
  • 3X3 Videos in a meeting
  • Raise Hand feature
  • Sharing Screen from the chat
  • Custom backgrounds images
  • Group chat with up to 250 people
  • Ending the meeting for all participants
  • Participants joined the meeting reports
  • Accessing meeting options from progressed meetings
  • Share Audio from presenter device during Teams live event
  • Individual team participants up to 10000


If you already have them that is great enjoy if not some of the suggestions are Sign-out and sign in again to Teams, or Exit MS Teams updates your Teams Sign-out and Sign in again you will have these features also it does also belongs to what is your Tenant settings and the release channel you are on.


Here is the filtered Microsoft 365 Road map that shows most of these being rolled-out in May 2020 and few will roll-out in June 2020


Please leave your comments or like and thumps ups if you already have these features in use and share your experiences with Tech Community Members.



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This is great - thank you!  @PDostiyar 

@PDostiyar Thanks for this update. I'm dying to know whether it is possible to use custom backgrounds during live events. Do you know?

@Eho109  No problem our friends at @microsoft are working hard to find solutions for us and also the great community members ask/suggest/ and raise their voice through UserVoice and not to forget our great MVPs and Tech community managers and leaders all moving along....