Microsoft Teams meeting record location

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How can i find the record meeting location after its available for download in Microsoft teams mobile and desktop app?

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Hi @Nishadhac 


Teams Recording are always stored in the Microsoft Stream Platform. You can always view the recording from the Meeting Channel Space.


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@Satish2805 - is it possible that the recording may not have saved after I stopped recording?  

It used to be on Microsoft Stream, but now the recordings are getting stored in the OneDrive of user who started the recording... It makes sense to me as the users will have to clean up their old recordings in their OneDrive and hence they will be more judicious in starting recording.
No, it shouldn't be.. check in OneDrive in folder "Recordings" or on it should be there in one of these locations. Make sure you are using the same account to login that you used to login to Teams when you started recording.

@uttam27 Hi,

Even I am not able to see the recording in one drive recordings folder.

How much time does it take for the recording to be available ?

@aayusharora2511 the other place you can try is in the Teams client.  If you click the Files option, the the Microsoft Teams option within that you'll get a list of files.  The recording may be amongst those, the icon is a square box with a blue triangle:




The recording shown in the screenshot above wasn't in either our online Streams catalogue or on my OneDrive.


@uttam27  Yes, since I was the one that did the recording of the meeting there it was my 'Recordings' folder. TY


I suppose if you're not the one doing the recording you could ask the one who did.

I've never located the recording space. they just seem to vanish.   They are not located in windows Video, nor Downloads, nor "Files" inside of teams.    They are also not located in OneDrive.   And yes i've logged in via the same account.  I actually have 2 OneDrive(s),  one for the teams account and one for LDAP. 

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I had another customer who reported this issue and they were looking in the meeting organizers OneDrive which is not the correct location. Whoever initiated the recording of the meeting it should be in that person's corporate OneDrive\Recordings folder.
In the meeting chat, the recording link should be there. You can examine the same, it should contain the user id of the user in whose OneDrive the recording is saved. It gets saved in the OneDrive of person who started recording (it may happen 2 people try to start simultaneously but only one will have the recording).