Microsoft Teams meeting policy not taking affect in Android only

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I created a policy in Microsoft Teams Admin Center in which I disabled all kinds of screen sharing and in the "Who can present" category selected "Everyone in the organization, user can override"

But the organization members were assigned the policy to not allow screen sharing.

This Policy works as I want it to on Windows, Mac and even on iPhone. The one place where it doesn't work and the team member can share screen (which they should not be able to) is any android device. While logged in with the same user that wasn't able to share it's screen on windows or other devices except android

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@Izhan2001 How long have you left it, there are variable amounts of times for each client to pick up on new policies. You can typically accelerate this if you sign out and back in, but it will eventually take effect without.

I left it for 15-20 hours and all the devices are implementing the policy correctly except the android device