Microsoft Teams Flickering Video Conference with 50 hz hertz power and Logitech WebCam

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We've just purchased a Logitech Meetup camera as it was listed on the MS page as a Teams enabled device


But when we try and use it in any Teams VC the video flickers very badly due to the lights on 50hz power.


There is a logitech camera settings app which allows you to switch between standard/widescreen and 60/50 hertz.  On widescreen+50hz the picture is stable.  But if we leave this app running when we start MS Teams, teams can't access the camera.   If we shut the Logitech Settings App, Teams starts and can use the webcam, but it always uses it in a mode with very bad flicker.


Any ideas how to force Teams to run the camera at a framerate compatible with a region on 50 hz power?

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Hello, i've the same issue with my Logitech Meetup with Skype for Business.

have you fixed your issue ?


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@Farouk_77 not really


Updating to the latest Firmware, latest Driver and latest MS patches for teams/office/windows seemed to improve matters but not completely solve. 


I started ignoring the logitech camera app as Teams seems to try and do everything natively.  I can have it rock solid in there on widescreen mode, but it doesn't seem to save the settings.


Now basically teams seems to most of the time do something that reduces the flicker, especially if we sit still and don't zoom near the lights.  But if we have auto tracking on, or if rezoom the camera or people move about a lot the flicker seems to come back and then settle.


I think there is more going on with the framerate sampling in teams meeting than is immediately obvious.  It would be great to get some actual explanation how anti flicker in teams meeting is supposed to work from Microsoft.


As an additional note, we have two, one in each office, behaviour is identical between them




Thanks you for the  reply , all is up to date ( windows 10 Pro v1903 , latest firmware logitech meetup v1.10.60, office ....) 

I don't know how to do 


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We've just received our first MTR test kit of the Logitech Tap, Meetup cam and Intel NUC. Setting it up now and the 50Hz flicker issue is super noticable here in Australia. I've updated the Meetup firmware to 1.10.60 and RightSight auto-tracking is now working. I can see that the flicker sometimes settles down a bit once it's tracked and centred on me, but not to an acceptable level.


Does anyone know if the Polycom Studio has the same issue in 50Hz regions?

@ryan-whitehelm what you say about the flickering reducing but still being there is what we still see with the logitech we have.  I've had no useful answer from either Microsoft or Logitech on this one.  I think it's something to do with with how the video's being optimised through teams, but where between the two the problem lies I don't know.  Quite a lot of people in the world aren't on 60 hz, I figure it would be more of a sales incentive for them to address.

I might have just had a win on this one.
I plugged the Meetup into my PC to see what it was like in regular Teams and Skype4b. In Skype, I went into Settings > video devices, picked the Meetup from the drop-down, then hit the button for camera settings. There was an option there to switch it to 50Hz.

Not only did that work in Skype, it worked in Teams on my PC and appears to be working once I moved the camera back to the MTR. Flicker is gone!

So far the setting has stuck through several power cycles of the Meetup. I’ve left it unplugged overnight and will test again tomorrow. If you get the chance, can you test one of yours and see if you can reproduce?

@ryan-whitehelm nice work

That seems to have a solved it.

Good hidden setting finding.

@sbroadhurstHi, we had the same issue. We fixed it by doing two things. First we upgraded the firmware of the meetup device from 1.1 to 1.10. Secondly we installed the camera configuration application and set it from 60hz to 50hz. Hereby the link to the downloads :

@joerifeyen i got the same issue and i worked with microsoft and i discovered that you need to change the refresh rate in the logitech camera settings app by going to anti flicker and changing it from ntsc 60 hz to pal 50 hz and issue gets fixed