Microsoft Teams display for Surface Pro or iPad (Meeting information outside the meeting room)


Dear community,


is there anything similar to meetio ( in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem? What I am trying to achieve is to put a display outside our meeting rooms (e.g. next to the door), and display an overview of upcoming appointments. It would also be great if one could book the corresponding room from this display.


I think it would suffice if I could make  Microsoft Teams display ( on a table and mount it outside the meeting room.


Basically, meetio works with Exchange, but that's another service and more money. 

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You could set up a tablet with Teams and use it to show calendar. However - it would have more options available than just the calendar. And it needs to use the room account - and there would be no way to create private meetings there.
Meetio has been quite a proven solution. Unless you create your own Teams Display (by developing an application that gets upcoming meetings and ability to book one you could consider Meetio.
I think there are Teams devices that do it, I know some of the table devices like the one from lenovo can do it etc. But it's custom firmware utilizing some special Teams Device software, there isn't anything you can just nab app wise etc. and stick on an iPad that could do it.

If you could generate a Teams meeting link with a meeting somehow via Flow, you could always make a PowerApp front end to do this pretty easily, but the hard part would be the meeting join link for Teams, the calendar / booking etc. part would be easy and there is already a template that does something similar in their templates.

Anyway just rambling at this point, now you got me curious and I want to go see if I can make this lol.
Well unfortunately there is no flow action for creating an online meeting, but the graph call for it seems to be able too, so you would have to do some graph calls, which I think Vesa has some blogs for, but it might require some premium licenses etc. to run them thou. But that could be a fun little project to create a PowerApp that can manage a Teams room via an iPad (PowerApp loaded on the iPad) that creates the meetings and has the Teams meeting URL etc. on it.

Example 4:

@Chris Webb great idea with that PowerApp! #innovativethinking

Now that you got me to that track you could create a PowerApp that would show the calendar information. Perhaps using a Flow or scheduled script to write information to a SharePoint list (or CDS) so you guarantee that PowerApp is not showing too much details there. Or that room calendar events could be queried directly as well. 


And as for the creation of meeting there are Graph APIs available. Use of Graph API in Flow requires premium licensing. The issue would be that the creation of online event is possible only with delegated permissions and would have to run under user's context (instead of using Graph API call as application). 


Thinking a bit more: the PowerApp could create a calendar meeting and then initiate meeting (inviting the room in) directly using CloudComminications Graph API, which is getting app level support "in near future".


Sounds like something fun to build and test.