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When you create a call queue and have it redirected to a "person in organisation" what is the minimum license/s that this user account needs when selecting it in the "person in organisation" option? On the shared mailbox I was pointing this to, so the voicemails would get sent to this shared mailbox I could only select the user account of the mailbox when it had a calling plan and Microsoft 365 phone system license. If I only had the Microsoft 365 Phone system license it would not let me select the shared mailboxes user account.


I get this error:


"You are trying to link first name last name but they aren't enterprise voice-enabled."


Just seems overkill that the shared mailbox needs a calling plan when they are not making calls and only receiving a call?

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If your purpose for diverting is to just deliver it to a Voicemail box, then you want to instead setup an Office 365 group. Add the people who want to get the voicemail (delivered into users Outlook under the Groups section).  Then within the Call Queue, choose Voicemail in the Redirect to and choose your O365 group.

This requires no license. What you describe used to be the way it had to work and was annoying as you had to fully license those users just to deliver voicemail. However, it did get changed last year if I'm right to include O365 groups as voicemail distribution groups.



@fowler_23 They wanted it specifically to be a centralised mailbox, but I will keep that in mind in the future. Will the O365 groups work if our mailboxes are on premise? We have our on premise AD accounts synced with AADC and full Exchange hybrid in place.