Microsoft store set up my personal email as a company team of the service provider - how to undo

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When I purchased by Surface Pro 7 a year ago at a Microsoft store - I inquired about Teams (this was before I new what it was and before I used it all the time work) and the MS employee setup my Teams account and associated with the company that provides my email.   Example, if email was, it was set up as if I was a member of AOL company, not as a personal free Teams account.    Now I cannot set up a Personal Teams account with my personal email because MS system says email already associated with an account.  

But I cannot remove my account or change it - because I need to be the admin for the company of my email service provider - ie in this example AOL admin - but I don't work for AOL - I just want a free Personal Teams account using my Personal Email.

I cannot remove the account, not can I change it.   I assume the MS employee used some admin privileges when he installed teams on my Surface. 

How can I remove this  Teams account without removing my overall Microsoft account which allows to all other MS items with my personal 

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Hi @Randy306  - I'm going to see if one of our experts can help you.


@Linus Cansby - do you have any suggestions for this user?



Thank you.   The message I get when I log into teams says:

"Someone has already set up Teams for your organization"   "Ask your admin to get your started with Teams, or set up another org in tams using a different email address"

"user a different email"


Issue is - my personal email is not associated with an organization.