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We are using AD Connect to sync user to Office 365 for users in two different domains.  When we assign licenses or add members to a team, we can do so for users in both domains.  However, when viewing all users from the Teams admin center, only users from one of the domains appears.  Users from the other do not.    


As a side note, if we view the list of "All active users" from the Microsoft 0365 Admin Center, users in both domains are listed.


Any suggestions on why this may be occurring and how to resolve it?


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Hi @rcushing

Hope you are well.

A few questions

1.) All the DNS settings for the domain correct in the Microsoft 365 admin centre and the domain is validated?
2.) All the users on the second domain actually appear in Teams itself?

There is restrictions on the Teams platform which means that it may take 24-48 hours for a user to show up in the Teams Admin Centre once they have been added due to the explosion in growth on the Teams platform. However, if it has surpassed this time I would recommend to raise a ticket to Microsoft Support. Assuming all the settings are correct for both domains (I.e. the second is setup like the first) then they ought to appear in there

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Yes to both of your questions Chris.   As for the timing, the users of both domains were add several weeks back.  We only just noticed that many of them are not showing when we went to apply a custom policy to them via the Admin Center.   Any other thoughts on what to check?



Hmm, there is a potential fix here

This is another which recommends reassigning the licence/app

I would say if these don't fix it then the solution would be a ticket

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

We worked with Support on this for almost a month. The reason not all of our users were displaying in the Users list is due to a limitation in the Teams Admin Center that only allows 400 users to be displayed.


I'm baffled how this is even a thing and how it has little visibility. Support did direct me to a UserVoice request to increase the limit. Somehow it only has 1 (now 2) votes.

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