Microsof Teams complete version.

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In march 2020 i got the soft of Microsoft Teams. 8 days ago i was able to schedule meetings. a tab on left side of the screen drived to a new screen with these functionalities. Then came up a update version. I choose to update my version by this new one. Then I saw that calendar tips was not in the left. I was not able to schedule meetings. Asking to Microsoft support, they proposed to explain the problem to techcommunity.

I expect to be able to use properly this sofware as in the past.

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Hello, I have the same issue but there is an ongoing incident affecting multiple M365 services. The calendar app is available in all Teams versions but the functionality differs, just to be clear. About the incident they are usually fast getting it restored.
Service restored in case you haven't noticed. Try signing out from the top right corner to remediate if no visible changes in your client.
Hi Christian,
Thanks for your support.
Only changes i saw are the following :
1) in Outlook Teams meeting appeared in new elements. But I am not allowed to schedule a meeting because something missing in exchange.

2) Clicking in Picture profile (on the left) /Account and Organisations : I just found 2 accounts : Personnel and w/o.

Clicking on w/o, a message proposed "A new thumb wad introduced on top of this channel, click on the link to access". It is the calendar tips...


Hi Christian,


Again thanks for your approach which finaly was hepful to me. The problem was just sold 2 days ago when Microsoft requested me by mail to confirm area name. In the message Microsoft attached a new message address. Connecting with this one, access opened and Teams on Microsoft 365 started well.

 As far as I remember this famous mail address was not seeable before.

Problem is now solved from my side.