Messages in the mobile app channel don't display any data apart connector name

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Hi all!

I have recently written my pain here, but it was in the old and maybe dead thread. I decided to repeat my messages in hope it will be more notable. And yes, I hope someone can explain me what is going on there and what is wrong.

We are using Teams for coordination of work (what coincidence) and we need to know what happens on the infrastructure. For that we make Grafana to send alert messages to the channel. But the problem is the messages look very different by content in desktop-, web- and mobile apps. For desktop and web it is OK - the message looks like this:


It does have white square but it's OK due to not chosen shared storage backend. In the Androind mobile app this message contains quite bit information:



This is the same alert message. And I can do nothing with it. I can't expand or to see some kind of details of it. Yesterday I renamed the connector name to 'platform-alerting' but in mobile app it looks the same however in desktop app it has been changed. But maybe it does not matter. 

Messages of this channel have similar view not only for Android app but Apple mobile app too. Messages of other channels which arrive without using incoming the webhook look OK in mobile apps.

Messages to this channel are send by Grafana v5.4.3. Its notifier module constructs body message this way:



Can somebody tell me what's wrong and how can I fix it?  The main reason why we decided to use Teams is convenience and presence app as desktop and mobile. And it will not be secret if I say that mobile device spend little bit more time with you rather than desktop or laptop.

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