Message Teams from Excel with power automate

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I receive an erroe when I try to make an flow with Power Automate. Using the template that should update Teams from an Excel row.


Error: Type is rquired. 

But where do I check that?

error type.PNG


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That template is using an old action. “Post Message”. Delete the action and add it back manually From the Microsoft Teams connector, the one labeled “Post a message” and it should work.

Thank you @Chris Webb It looks like that fixed it. The error is gone. But how do I trigger it to start?


*This flow can not be triggered for testing

*There are no runs for this Flow


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trigger flyt.PNG

"Define a custom action to happen for a selected row. It could be sending an email, copying the row to another spreadsheet, or something else. You decide. To use this flow, your data must live in a table. Learn more about creating tables: To trigger the flow, select a row inside your table, go to the Data tab in the Excel ribbon, and select Flow."

Thank you @Chris Webb I added Flow to Excel, and it worked perfect.


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