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Hi, I work in a team that have members in differents countries, some in Europe, some in America.
I would like to be able to send a message to someone that's not working without wake him up because it can wait until his work hours.

I would love to see an option to send the message, that will only appears to the receiver when he's connected, a "non urgent" tag.

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Hi @metalhurlant   Your colleagues can always set notifications not to ping them during quiet hours.


But in reference to your suggestion, we encourage you to make that suggestion at our Uservoice feedback site.  Once submitted, other users can vote on it and you'll be kept informed of any status updates.

Hi @metalhurlant 


Here is the workaround for the same. But is not for the Individual User but this can work for delaying the message within a specific Team


1. In the Outlook you can draft the Email and send the Email at a specific duration or time. In addition you can add the Email Address of the Teams wherein you want the Messages to be delivered. It can be one team or multiple teams.


Below are the User Voice you can upvote for the feature you are looking for:- 


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