Merging Teams calendars and sharing on Google Calendar

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I belong to different "classes" on MsTeams. Whenever a meeting is scheduled and associated with the relevant channel of a given class, each member of that class (and possible guests) receives an invitation and, if accepted, the event is then added to his/her own personal calendar. I've then learnt how to synchronize one's own personal calendar with a Google Calendar (either a personal or a group one).

Now, what I would like to do, is to group all events scheduled within a given class in a "class" calendar, and have a shareable link for that class calendar, which could be then merged into a collective super-calendar, both within Office/Teams, and in Google Calendar.

(My scenario: several professors teaching different classes, numerous students attending some of those classes. Goal: building a timetable for a given course [including selected classes], and embedding individual classes' calendars in their professor's Google Calendar.)

Many thanks for any hint!

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Thank you, @jamspe.


But that applies to existing groups. What I would like to do, is sort of what is described in the link you kindly suggest, but for existing teams, not groups.

(Could one associate a group to a team, and keep the two in sync? It looks as if the converse is feasible.)

Give it a go... :)