Members cannot start a new post in a channel


I have created a new public team and added 2 channels.


The General channel settings are to allow only the Owners to post.   The settings for the other two (PowerApps and PowerAutomate (Flow) channels are that everyone can start a new post and moderation is turned off.  


The members can reply to a post I create in either of the PowerApps or PowerAutomate (Flow) channels but cannot create a new post in either channel.  They get a 'Failed to Send' error message.


Channel settings.png


It seems that the General channel setting to only allow owners to post is affecting the other channels as well.   This is counter intuitive.   Why setup channels for specific things if you can't turn off the ability for people to post in the General channel.

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These settings shouldn’t affect other channels! Can you please take a picture on the manage channel settings page of either the channels that users can’t post to


Hi @BejeweledOne -I think there's issues going on with Teams that Microsoft hasn't reported yet. Lots of weird things - last week I created a Team. In the admin center it showed me as an Owner and in the app it showed me as a member. Yesterday, we enabled Private Channels and then couldn't add members for quite a while. You may just need to wait a few hours and see if it clears up.

Yeah, it seems strange although haven’t heard about this problem. Do you have the same issue if you create other channels? Only in this Team?

@adam deltinger  I just created a new public team.   I set the settings for the general channel and the single additional channel I created the same as the team with the problem.


So far it is working properly and people can start new posts in the Test channel but not in the General channel.

@adam deltingerNew findings.   New members that I have added today are able to create new posts in those channels.  I am now testing to see if removing people from the team and re-adding them fixes the issue.

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I'm assuming you tried, but go in and turn channel moderation on, maybe add someone to it. Then hit ok, go back and turn it off. See if setting sticks.

@Chris WebbI didn't try that, but I think I have figured out the solution if not the actual issue.   I created a test team and used the exact same settings and it worked fine.


I went back into my problem team and reset the General settings to owner only and did some testing.   I found that of the members that were added yesterday, none of the ones who tested for me were able to add new posts to either of those channels.


However new members that I added today were able to create new posts in those channels.   I am now testing with a couple of yesterdays members.   I have removed them and then re-added.  We will see what happens.

This was actually the solution to the issue although I didn't have to add anyone, just turn on Moderation for a few minutes and then turn it off and the funny part is I remembered that I had actually done that on one of the channels but I didn't associate that action to it fixing the issue until this morning.





i had same issue, i turn on channel moderation mode for few minute, and again turn it off. now members can create new port on mobile and windows app.

so funny