Meeting room not accepting meetings causing double bookings

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Hello Community,


Please i have this issue with a user.


Whenever he tries to schedule a team meeting via Outlook by inviting a particular Meeting room(Paris). The invitees do not receive an email inviting them to join the meeting via email. 
But if he tries inviting another meeting room(London) they get an email to them join the meeting. 
Does anyone has an idea because the meeting room( Paris) does not accept invitation.



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I'd suggest looking at the room's response, it usually gives a clue of the reason why the meeting hasn't been accepted.
Is the room configured to auto-accept meeting requests
Thank you for your reply.

I am not really sure if it was configured to auto-accept meeting request. Do you have a way to check that or how to configure for auto accept meting request.

@IBN Get-CalendarProcessing <identity> | select AutomateProcessing is the easiest way to check.

Thank you for sharing and do you a link to back up this information