Mark calculation issue in form

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Today one faculty reported all students are getting one marks less in excel sheet export file ; but in the form response area showing different mark ;  When i check the faculty form and excel sheet closely for one particular question excel sheet is marking zero to all students but in form it is showing score 

what could be the reason



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Hello @mijawidnazir   While you're waiting for a response from the Teams community, you may also want to post your question to the Education Sector community (and join if you're interested).


Also, you can find technical support at

Thank you for the advice;  i have done that ;  waiting for the response from MS teams.  I fear how many such other subjects will be giving score similar like this ;  today i will inform all faculty members to cross check forms marks and excel sheet marks.


we have approximately 250 faculty and 400 Subject exam conducted online on MS Teams and using MS Forms ;  if such issues seen in all of these subjects ;  OMG i cant imagine.