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Hi everyone,


Is there a way to get all teams visible in File Explorer? At the moment if you access\sites\ the directory is empty. I can get access to each individual team via\sites\teamurl however I have users stuck in their ways that want to have a central place mapped for when they want to save files from a browser. The only alternative is to save to computer then upload to Teams which is a bit counter-productive. Teams integrates perfectly with Office 365 Pro Plus, not so great if you want to save something from a browser.







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Hi @Ciprian Diaconita 


You need to sync the teams libraries / folders with the OneDrive client! Go to the place you want to sync in SharePoint and click sync! You will now have this as synced folder in file explorer and can save here just like OneDrive or any other local folder from a browser 


there's no good way to sync all your libraries though! There's a gpo around the corner in which you can set sites to sync , you can run scripts to sync or "map" sites showing up in your file explorer etc..

Also be aware of syncing many sites may take up a lot of space also


I recommend just let users sync the libraries / folders they commonly use themselves and the issue is solved!



You could technically go to the SharePoint library by clicking Open in SharePoint from the main Team or a files tab, copy the URL from the browser bar, then right click on your desktop> New > and create shortcut. Then paste the URL in, name it and you have a desktop link you can use to save files directly through save as dialog. You could also Pin this to quick access as well but the experience is lack luster.

The Best way to tackle this is to have your users go to the Teams general channel and click the ... at the top and "Open in SharePoint". This opens the root of the attached document library and then you can just click the Sync button once on the SharePoint page. This will add a Company save location and a sub folder for the Team and you can save and reference this location from any application.

If it's just for saving e-mail attachments then look at the free add-in's such as OnePlaceMail which allows quick saving of attachments to Teams locations as well.

Thanks Adam, I'm a bit worried about sync as most of our computers run on 128GB SSDs so disk space is very limited. So far all my users have worked on a classic SPO structure which was mapped as a drive however since we're planing migrating all the data into new modern O365 groups\teams one of the questions awaiting me will be :"Where's my SPO Z drive?" :)

Thanks @Chris Webb , great tips. I'll write them down for the upcoming training sessions.

@Chris Webb, How do you save to a web link on the desktop?


There is script to map sites (like onedrivemapper) i've used before and works but cant say I recommend it 

Right Click > New > Shortcut
Paste in the URL. Then you can use this shortcut as a file location, similar to shortcut to a network drive on your desktop etc.

Ok @Chris Webb 


I did this but it won't work! Tried to save an attachment from outlook and also from SharePoint! The shortcut is visible from save as in outlook but wont save to location! From SharePoint it's not visible

Just did it again, I have Chrome as my default browser, you double click that shortcut file and it will route to the web URL location for the SharePoint library and then you just name and click save and it's done.
I will try again :)

@adam deltinger any update on ability to add all teams to save directly to a team/SP library directly from desktop apps?  How about from a scanner as well?

@Chris_Webb any thoughts as well?