Make Teams Online Meetings the Default in Outlook for Windows



Outlook for Windows has the option to make Teams online meetings the default for all new meetings. Users can edit meeting settings through Outlook too. Unlike the other Outlook clients, Outlook for Windows depends on a registry setting to control whether an online event should be created. And there’s no support for third-party meeting platforms.

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I have a ticket open with Office 365 support right now and they claim this feature has not yet been implemented. I pointed them to this article and they will only state "that is not an official Microsoft document." The roadmap item in the link above also appears to say it has not yet been implemented.

Is this feature actually implemented and available for use?
According to the roadmap, the feature was released in March. The message center notification is no longer available, which normally means that a feature is GA. I am using Outlook build 2103 and it's certainly available to me.
Thanks, always fun arguing with Microsoft support about what their platforms can and cannot do.
The feature depends on the Teams meeting add-in for Outlook. It could just be that you don't have the right version. It's updated along with Teams.
We do, but I reached out to support first to find out what our options are. Their response is that this feature has not yet been implemented.
I can't account for what a Microsoft support agent tells anyone... All I can report is what I see in front of me.
Yes I am in full agreement with you. Support is wrong.

Thank you for the information.
This seems to be true today, even after the feature has been released. There is indeed an Outlook client setting (probably controlled from Registry) that prevents this from happening. OWA respects the organisation setting.
The Outlook setting is under: File>Options>Calender>Calendar options>Add online meeting to all meetings
The article you mentioned does not provide the registry info but I'm sure this can be easily found from GPO also.


I checked this for a user and it was already set.  She was all up to date with her Office updates.  Would a quick repair fix this or will a Online repair do the trick?