Login Bug after Organization Account was deleted

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i have a really annoying bug on my MS Teams desktop Version for Mac.


I have left my organization recently and therefore my account was also deleted. Now, whenever I try to log into my MS Teams I get the Pop Up for my organization login (see picture). Then when I close that I get to a page that tells me there was an error and I should try to log out (see picture). However, the "logout" link on that error page does not work. 


I have already tried to reinstall MS Teams and have deleted the Cache and residue Data with the Apps "Clean My Mac" and "AppCleaner". I also deleted them manually myself. However, the bug is still there. 


I have not deleted any Office365 files, maybe the relevant information is there? 


[Recap & System]


The Bug Step by Step Recap: 

1. Organization Account logged in

2. Organisation Account was deleted

3. Login Mask from Organization comes on launch of MS Teams

4. Logout Button does not work and restart or deinstall neither

5. Can't get back to normal login (works in browser)


My System: 

- MacBook Pro (15-inch 2018)

- macOS Big Sur

- MS Teams Desktop Version



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