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Hi everybody, 


we are planning our digital company event. Last year we run a normal Teams Session but didn´t have any attendee report on that. We just considering Live Events, but the idea is also to mix the content with recorded videos. We just struggeling because we don´t want that anyone see that we are click on play the video, while we are sharing our screen/ the content.


Have you any experience or advices? What does make sense?


Thanks for you support.



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I am not familiar with Live Events, but I can advise on Teams. If an attendance report is the only thing you needed to make the Teams meeting work, it is available to the meeting organizer. See picture attached: 

if it's just about report, then please check with Teams admin in your Org, every meeting will have report, that's 100%

if it's about you want to use live event, I suggest make some pratise at first, the thing you concern could be avoid technically
Thanks for your feedback. The attendance report was disable, because of data protection. The topic will be checked internally.
Thanks for your feedback. we already organized a dry run with live event and a normal teams meeting. I think it is not be possible that the audience doesn´t see the play or stop button if we are integrating a video in our event.