Live event resources - as a producer i cant see video and reports

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Hi. We are moving to Teams. Today I tried to make a Live Event and run it by myself with 100 people joined.

Now I cant understand how can I download video to put it on Stream.

4 hours passed since meeting is over.

Attendees can open link and see video, but I, as producer/organizer, can't find how to download it.


Here is what I see in meeting options.


Thank you


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Hi @latonita 


Recordings from live events produced in Teams are currently not saved in Microsoft Stream. If you have set it to record you can download the recording from the meeting details and upload it manually to Microsoft Stream after the event.


So I would refresh in the meeting details to see if it updates. I would also select edit > settings and to  confirm that the event was recorded. If it was set to record you still can't download it from here after refreshing - as this is exactly the place where it ought to be downloaded I would wait a day or two and if this still doesn't change I would open a ticket with Microsoft (with screen shots)


Hope that answers your question!


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard thing is it is not there. for all live events in our company.

I opened MS support ticket, they are trying to resolve it since yesterday.