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Hi All,

I have been extolling the virtues of the Live Auto captions in Teams meetings, a feature we love and will really make use of. I have however come up against a problem, a very senior managers' name is the shortened version of Richard (this won't let me type it here either). When he says his name  and when anyone refers to him, in a meeting the caption reads **** (as in bleeps out the word)


Can we add reserved words or exceptions as this is embarrassing?


Thanks in advance

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You should create a uservoice request for this and get as many votes as possible to get attention from Microsoft. There is no function for this currently.


I had to say Rick a couple of times (with my Swedish accent) before I got the **** instead of Rick. But now I guess you have to call him Richard or "very senior manager".





@Linus Cansby  Sorry I should be clearer he wants to be called D ick not Rick but your point still stands. I can't really think of too many more situations to be honest so I am not convinced there would be the volume to gain Microsoft interest! I still think it probably is worth it. Next time I have five minutes to spare. 

@Linus Cansby further to previous, I have created the UserVoice request "Allow Exceptions to Auto Captions in Teams"

Ah, that is right. Richard's nick name is often **bleep**, not so common here in Sweden but we some people named **bleep**. Had to read some about why Richard is called **bleep** and now know that the person name **bleep** came long before the genital name. So it should not be censored. 


The link to your uservoice for others to vote.