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I've been very exited about using the new Lists App within Microsoft Teams, but I must say, now that it has been released, I don't find it very useful.  While it looks as if it has great potential, I either don't have the correct rights, or possibly using an older version.  I reviewed a 17 minute video on using Lists, and from what I can see, I don't have many items that were discussed, including: 1) Designer, 2) Share, 3) Rules, 4) Tile View not available, 5) Gallery view not available, and 6) Automate not available. 


Also, I just switched an entire Planner list over to a Lists "list" so that it was easier to manage, but when assigning owners in the issues lists, the owners are NOT notified.  It doesn't make sense that I would need to create a rule to have a user notified. 


I'm a huge Microsoft fan, but I feel that the apps that are released are never ready for prime time, and there never seems to be the correct features or templates.

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Thank you for your feedback, @Kentcarle  - perhaps members of the community can provide shortcuts or tips to make this easier for you....



Thanks for your response Therese, but I believe that you misunderstood my inquiry.  I don't find it hard, and I don't need anything to be easier, I just need the software aspects that are demonstrated in demos to be available in the software. It is extremely frustrating when features are mentioned, touted, and discussed, but when trying to implement, they don't exist.