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One of my colleague is not able to open a shared drive address link on TEAMS when clicking on it but they are able to open it when pasting the link in the web browser.  Is there something under settings that needs to be

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Hello, the ability to use UNC links was a highly requested feature at Teams UserVoice but was declined in December 2020 as Teams is built using Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).

Thank you for the information. Odd thing is I am able to open links when clicking on it but not my colleague, could it be we are talking about different type of links? The link my colleague is attempting to open is an excel document. Hope that helps.
I was talking about network path/drive links such as \\Server\Shared. Well, if you can open the link from Teams it's not an UNC path as described above. So when sending that link to this person it cannot even be clicked on? If shared the usual way then

Perhaps the other user needs to sign out from Teams desktop to refresh things or to clear the Teams cache manually and/or reinstall the app.
I had my colleague re-install TEAMS and now they are able to open links after clicking it.
Thank you very much.