Link to recording from Live Event is missing

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Hi all,


I am used to utilize the Live Event functionality in Teams. After the event I'm downloading the recording.


Yesterday I did as I'm used to, but suddenly the "download bottom" is not coming as a Ressource on the card as a reccource. We are a small company so I'm the only one accessing the Office 365 administration - and we haven't changed any thing in the Office365 /teams settings. 


I have tried to google around. I can see there has been an update. But the recording is not in the onedrive folder or sharepoint. And the live event is not in any way related to a channel. We have an E3 subscription so that part should also be ok...


When I access the participants link - the recording starts .. so the recording is stored (guess in the cloud)... It is a bit stange ...





What could be the explanation of the now missing download option and how to retrieve the recording? Any clues?







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I am having the same issue. It's been 24 hours since I recorded a 30 min Teams Live event, and no option for the recording is available. I can also access the video as an attendee so the recording is somewhere. 



Also have the same problem. No change in setting/policies. 

I have submitted a support case to MS.

I'm also having the same issue, I had a live session on 9 April. Today I check there's no download button.
Hi Peter,
I had a call to support. I got to India and my call was interrupted. Please let me know the result of your support case. Thanks.
Lets see what Peters support case ends up with :)
A bit frustrating... I still looking for an answer

I also had 3 Live Events on 9 of April and i can't download recordings.

I have never had such issue before. 

I hope it will be fixed, I tried to watch a recording like an attendee, but it is also impossible.  





It seems that MS now posted this an advisory (not an incident?) so they know about the problem. Hope there is a quick fix!

Organizers and producers can't see the download option for live event recordings
TM250131, Microsoft Teams, Last updated: April 12, 2021 9:15 AM

@Peter Lindén 

Super ... Let's see what MS are figuring out. I'm also opened a support case and I will also post the result here. 


I can see that is now recorded as an incident at MS. So now they know. It is noted as as "service degradation".

I have the same problem: on April 9th I had a 2 hrs live class and I can't find the recording in Event Resources. I am used to download the recordings, but the master recording nor the backup recording are available.

I was the owner of the event, but if I join the event as an attendee I can see the whole of it.
Just talked to MS Support. They are working on a fix right now. Should be fixed within 24 hours the MS supporter told me. He promised to help me to get the recording downloaded in case a the download button should be missing. But he expected it to appear :)
any insights shared...what appears to be the issue? hope its resolved asap
...It's just an error on MS's side. I don't know specifics.
Did they help you to find the video? I have the same issue. We also had live event on April, 9.
Hi, no body answers to me. Is some one know how i can write directly to Teams' Support? I cant find it Support Page.
Now, for other days recordings are working, but for past 9 April isn't appear(


This is the answer I got from MS Support yesterday:


I checked with the Team and got to know that the cause of the issue have been discovered and that has been already taken care of yesterday. Any Live Event from now on will not be having that issue. But furthermore the Team now trying for the old Live Events that got effected due to.


The fastest way to report an incident is by placing a Support Request in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Microsoft 365 admin center - Home

@Peter Lindén
Thank you for answer. I hope, it will be solved.
You need to be an administrator to do that. In Office 365 administration there is a button for support. It didn't worked for me so I googled a phone no. And there created the ticket for me.
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