Limits on virtual attendees?

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I recently started using Microsoft Teams and I'm loving it so far! One thing I haven't been able to find out is if there's a limit on the number of attendees in a virtual meeting. Could I potentially have 300 people in a meeting? Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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The current limitation is 250 participants in a Teams meeting.


If you want to reach more than 250 viewers Live Events in Teams can have 10000 viewers.

Hi @LeisaHerritt

Limit on a teams meeting is 250 at the current time

With Live Events, this can be up to 10,000. Live Events are one to many presentations very much like a Ted talk

Best, Chris

@Linus Cansby Perfect - thank you!

@Christopher Hoard Just what I needed to know. Thanks!

@Linus Cansby Once the limit is reached, what kind of messaging does the 251st person receive? Will the host get any notification?

Am I correct in saying the limit for a Teams meeting is now 1000 with an A3/E3 organiser license.
looking at a meeting with 660 - only 5 presenters and rest view-only controlled by meeting options. Am keen to hear if this is likely to be an issue.
If more than 1000 is view-only automatic or does the policy need to be turned on with powershell