Launch Calendar from Teams Chat

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Hi All,


When chatting in Teams, I would like to be able to quickly check someone's Calendar. 

Now I'm forced to do multiple steps to get there:
1) first click on another general tab in the left menu: Calendar
2) then click "add new meeting"
3) then manually fill in that person's name
4) click on scheduling assistant

Thus, adding a new button 'Calendar' within the Chat window on the top left, next the team members name and to the existing buttons there "Chat, Files, Organisation, Activity, +", WOULD BE GREAT.

Thanks for any help if I am missing something that already exists.

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@paul keijzers  Thanks for your reply. That would be handy as in outlook, I upvoted it. But it would not solve this issue from Teams Chat.

PS: in outlook you would also need to manually add this person in 'open shared calendar', which also takes time. In a big organisation it's not user friendly.

Anyone from Mircosoft that can update here? :)