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Has anybody else noticed that, when Microsoft offers use to modify meeting options on Teams meetings:



But this seems to have negative impact to dial-in users. Even I have a policy:

AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby : True
AllowOrganizersToOverrideLobbySettings : False


Dial-in users still end to lobby, until end-user change the meeting options from "people from my organization" to "Everyone".

This is even a bit more sad, that we have defined to not allow end users to override lobby settings (second config on policy), but obviously still they can do it.


And the last part, by default "who can present" is set to "everyone"? :o

But has anybody found the place to control that?



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"Everyone" is the only mode that will allow dial-in users to bypass lobby. The settings you do in TAC is what default settings should be used but users can still change them per meeting.


No, no way currently to change the "Who can present" setting centrally. 

Hi @Linus Cansby

Not sure if I follow you. I believe Microsoft has forgot that "anonymous users" and "dial-in users" are not normally handled in same way.


The TechNet documents says:

Determines whether a PSTN user joining the meeting is allowed or not to bypass the lobby. If you set this parameter to True, PSTN users are allowed to bypass the lobby as long as an authenticated user is joined to the meeting.

(source: Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy )

So if you set -AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby $false and a user sets Meeting Options "Who can bypass the lobby" to Everyone. Everyone will bypass the lobby. Even if you set AllowOrganizersToOverrideLobbySettings to $false.

@Linus Cansby 

Question is still, I have defined: AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby $true. For me this means that all PSTN callers should be able to join to the meetings without lobby. But even so this still requires that users need to set "everyone" on the meeting options. And when they do so, then that allows also anonymous users to join to meeting without lobby, and this is something which we do not want.


For me the current behaviour looks like the teams meetings do not respect the policy. Or I'm totally lost :D


If you set AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby to $true you should also set AutoAdmittedUsers to $true. Since AutoAdmittedUsers will override the other setting. Maybe more clear in the TAC



Automatically admit people: Everyone
Allow dial-in users to bypass the lobby: On
As you see you can't change "Allow dial-in users to bypass the lobby" to Off since "Automatically admit people" overrides. 
These settings will be the default settings for users with this policy. But the can still change in meeting options. So if you set AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby to $true in the meeting policy and the user changes the meeting options to "Who can bypass the lobby?": "People in my organization", PSTN callers will not be able to bypass the lobby.


If you set the policy like this:

Teams users outside of your organisation will be placed in the lobby but PSTN callers will bypass the lobby.

@Linus Cansby wrote:



If you set the policy like this:

Teams users outside of your organisation will be placed in the lobby but PSTN callers will bypass the lobby.

Have you tested that? As this is our settings:


And still dial-in users end into lobby.


best response confirmed by Petri X (Super Contributor)

Could be that the setting is not rolled out yet. Bypass lobby is listed as coming soon:



Hi@Linus Cansby ,


Okay, then I understand. But wouldn't be great if the developers could add a tiny mark "not active yet" on the interface.


@Petri X Agree, or not show the setting in TAC.


There is an update related to this coming in Q2.

@Linus Cansby 

I also configured that in my policies. It should work - why else is there the possibility to configure it


Also the uservoice says (public)

And the help page also states


How can it be still in development?!


best regards


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