Joining channel meeting from JoinURL

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I am sending a link to a Teams meeting (linked to a channel). When I click the JoinURL, Teams opens and starts a meeting but it is not the correct meeting which shows in the Teams channel. When copy the JoinURL and paste into my browser, Teams opens (I have set this behaviour as default in Chrome) and joins the correct meeting. 


I cleared my Teams cache which resolved the problem temporarily but it has reverted back again. Also it isn't practical to ask all potential organisers/attendees to do that. I have also tested on my phone as a guest attendee using the Teams android app and I got the same behaviour.


Any advise welcome if it's something I am doing wrong or if it is a bug. 



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I think I may have solved this. The meeting link was being generated by the Graph api and the JoinURL was encoded. I decoded the URL it works.