Issues with cursor jumping around while typing on documents in teams/randomly deleting text

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Hi, wondering if anyone else has seen this issue. Sometimes, when working on a shared document in Teams and using the "Reviewing" function (aka tracking edits), our employees, including myself, will notice our cursor jumps around when making changes, often to a random spot in the document, and often randomly deletes or inserts text as well. This doesn't seem to happen if we open the document in Word and then edit it there, or if we only use the "Editing" function that does not track changes. It has nothing to do with the computer's physical trackpad or mouse either, as it doesn't happen in any other application/Word itself. Also, it happens for pretty much everyone in the organization, all of whom have different laptops. 


Anyone have a solution for this or know if there's a bug fix happening soon? It's very annoying and causes a lot of headaches when finalizing documents later.

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Hi, does this occur when others are accessing the doc and co-authoring? I must admit I favour opening the docs in full word so I don't really work this way so have not seen the effect you describe.

@PeterRisingyes it does seem to happen more when multiple people are in the document. Yes, opening in Word seems to make it better-but seems silly to have editing functionality in Teams if it's just going to be problematic. Thanks for the response/question

Hmmm... it also seems to be only happening - or at least much worse - when I happen to have my mouse cursor hovering over the section being edited. It seems to be tied to the tooltip constantly updating. If I move the cursor elsewhere, I'm not seeing the behavior.