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Hello, I have seen many people reporting the same issue, I have discovered some things that work, but I still have issues myself.  So our issue was when we upload our account photo through Teams, the picture looks great until you click save, then it becomes very pixelated and even shows white on two edges, as if the image was too small. I have tried 100x100, 250x250, 480x480, 640x640, they all have the same issue. 


Even more strange, our company logo did not experience this when added as the Team logo. It seems to only effect the user's account photos. So, I tried many different resolutions etc as well, nothing seems to help.


The only way I have found to upload the account photo and have it look decent is by logging into the Admin Center for Azure Active Directory, and editing the user accounts from there. It can take up to a few hours to show up everywhere, but it does seem to be of good quality.


I did however do that for my own account, but mine seems to be the only one still having issues. I went through the same process as all the other users, but my account picture is only loading in certain places.


I have attached pictures to show the before / after quality of the original method, and the fourth picture shows how my account shows up both with no photo and with the bad quality photo (using the same method). I even tried waiting 24 hours before complaining, to make sure the photo was loaded completely, but it was still not there as of today. 


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Thank you for the suggestions, @CSI_Guy